Societe Generale Private Banking partners the European Family Office Conference in London, November 2012

Societe Generale Private Banking is partnering ‘’The European Family Office Conference’’ organised by Campden Conferences on 7 and 8 November 2012 in London.

The conference is a private meeting for family principals and family office executives, as well as ultra high net worth private investors, to discuss issues critical to the family office sphere.The theme of the conference is ‘’Managing risk and seizing opportunities: Strategies for creating a sustainable portfolio and generating growth’’.

Jon Needham, Head of Fiduciary Services at Societe Generale Private Banking, will address the Conference and share his expertise in planning for successful wealth transition and future generations.

The new millennium has dealt some painful lessons – while wealth is hard to generate it is also very easy to dissipate. The new generation in ‘old wealth’ families is generally a lot more comfortable with dealing with wealth. In the ‘new wealth’ world, however, the approach is very different. During his talk, Jon Needham will look at the importance of old robust and well-structured succession plans and family governance designed to meet the needs of this generation and beyond.

For more information: please click on www.campdenconferences.com