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Monthly House Views - Remaining calm amidst political uncertainty - June 2024
14 Jun 2024 By Clémentine Gallès Chief Economist and Strategist Societe Generale Private Banking, Yvan Mamalet Economist and...
Art Markets - Focus on the Collectible Design Market
13 Jun 2024 Interview by Laurent Issaurat, Head of Art Banking Services at Societe Generale Private Banking, with Sabrina Dolla,...
Society & Environment
Europe’s forest environment in 2024: Description and analysis
13 Jun 2024 Interview with Matthieu Gombault, Head of Wine and Forestry Banking Services at Societe Generale Private Banking.
Society & Environment
Forestry Investment: Does Heritage Add Value?
13 Jun 2024 Interview with Matthieu Gombault, Head of Wine and Forestry Banking Services at Societe Generale Private Banking, and...
Hospitality: A vibrant sector that’s always on the move
13 Jun 2024 Hospitality is a vibrant sector that’s always on the move and influenced by a multitude of economic, social and...
Society & Environment
The forestry market in France
13 Jun 2024 Interview with Matthieu Gombault, Head of Wine and Forestry Banking Services at Societe Generale Private Banking.

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Our "raison d'être"

Because our "raison d'être" is building together, with our clients, a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative financial solutions, we support you to participate in your sustainable development objectives. Whether it is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), philanthropy or Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), we are committed to play a leading role in the positive transformations of tomorrow's world. Find out more about our SRI initiatives here.

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Committed to positive impacts
€ bn
dedicated to financing the energy transition over 2016-2020
Committed to positive impacts
€ bn
in Sustainable & Positive Investments
Committed to positive impacts
growth in outstanding loans to African SMEs by 2023

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United Kingdom

Today, almost 600 private bankers and private banking experts present throughout France can help you manage your wealth and financial projects.

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With over 250 staff, including specialists in international wealth engineering and asset management, Societe Generale Luxembourg – the oldest foreign banking institution in Luxembourg – is key for the group’s Private Banking network.

With Societe Generale Luxembourg, you will benefit from both local expertise in corporate services, fund administration and market activities, and the know-how of the Societe Generale Private Banking network and Societe Generale group at large.

Societe Generale Luxembourg has offices in Italy and Germany.

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Societe Generale group established in the Principality almost a century ago and launched its Societe Generale Private Banking Monaco branch dedicated to High Net Worth clients in 1997. The bank has since built teams of experts in private wealth management.

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With assets under management of £12.3 Bn and over 600 employees at end Dec 2022, SG Kleinwort Hambros has offices in United Kingdom (London, Cambridge, Newbury, Leeds, Edinburgh), Guernsey, Jersey and Gibraltar.
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Societe Generale group established in Switzerland in 1897 and has since built up broad expertise. Societe Generale Private Banking Switzerland operates both from Geneva and Zurich.

Their clients benefit from the global influence of a leading banking group and the local know-how of Swiss staff.

As a human-scale company, we can adopt an entrepreneurial approach and focus on your needs.

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