Societe Generale Private Banking sponsors Fabienne Verdier, the french contemporary painter

Societe Generale Private Banking has become sponsor of the French contemporary painter Fabienne Verdier.

Committed to the values of artistic creation, the private bank of Societe Generale group is supporting this artist, who has followed an unusual path. Although she remains outside the trends of the world of contemporary art, she is nevertheless one of its major living exponents. She recently set herself the challenge of producing work inspired by the early Flemish masterpieces, from Van Eyck to Memling, and suggesting a new way to look at them.

Fabienne Verdier will present the results of her 4-year long work at a major exhibition entitled "The Spirit of Painting: A Tribute to the Flemish Renaissance" organised both at the Groeninge and Hans Memling Museums in Bruges, Belgium, from 5 May to 25 August 2013.

Fabienne Verdier - Saint Christophe traversant les eaux II (2011) - Tribute to Hans Memling Le Triptyque Moreel
Fabienne Verdier - Saint Christophe traversant les eaux II (2011)
- Tribute to Hans Memling Le Triptyque Moreel

At the same time, another exhibition entitled "Spirit of Painting, Notes and Notebooks" and
organised at the Erasmus House in Brussels from 3 May to 25 August 2013, will present a selection of the artist's ink sketches and notebooks which will cast light upon her research and understanding of the paintings of the Flemish Masters shown in Bruges.

Societe Generale Private Banking's support for Fabienne Verdier, is part of Societe Generale group's commitment to contemporary art. Societe Generale has become one of the most active players in the sponsorship of art in France, in particular through its collection of 300 original works and 700 lithographs, prints and silk-screens. This living collection highlights creation in all its forms – painting, sculpture and photography – of acknowledged international artists such as Pierre Soulages, Pierre Alechinsky, Zao Wou-Ki, Antoni Tapies, Wang Du, Raymond Hains, and young talents from emerging artistic milieus.

For more information : www.collectionsocietegenerale.com

Fabienne Verdier is a French contemporary painter. After studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse in the 1980s, she decided to travel to China to study painting, aesthetics and philosophy alongside the last great Chinese masters. Returning to France, in 2003 she published "Passenger of Silence: 10 Years of Initiation in China" in which she recounted her experience. A pioneer in linking two worlds, Fabienne Verdier created a hitherto unseen form of artistic expression which steps out of the strict framework of calligraphy and uses ink and increasingly enormous paintbrushes to invent works where the lessons learned in China come together with modern art, a mix of Chinese calligraphy and contemporary art.
Fabienne Verdier regularly displays her work in Europe and Asia. Her paintings have entered numerous collections, including Centre Pompidou and Cernuschi Museum in Paris or Hubert Looser Foundation in Zurich.