Societe Generale Private Banking sponsors “The Ephemeral in the Eternal”, by Gregory Ryan

Societe Generale Private Banking has become sponsor of “The Ephemeral in the Eternal, Sculpting to Preserve”, an artistic project by the American sculptor, Gregory Ryan, which brings together art and the preservation of the environment.

“The Ephemeral in the Eternal” is the fruit of a very special approach, which aims to stimulate awareness of the beauty and fragility of nature through the creation and public display of monumental bronze sculptures. These sculptures represent the imprints of natural species, both plant and animal, which are in the process of disappearing, or reconstitute landscapes that are being eroded out of existence.

The choice of bronze, an immutable material, will ensure the permanence of these sculptures and will bequeath to mankind a testimony to the fragility of the “ephemeral”, thereby making it “eternal”.

This project, a truly artistic and socially responsible commitment, has led Gregory Ryan to travel the world since 2010. From Asia to America, he is helped in his exploratory work by scientific experts, cataloguing endangered species and obtaining imprints made from an aesthetic angle that serves his artistic project.

Societe Generale Private Banking is supporting Gregory Ryan for three years, allowing him to carry out this human, responsible and innovative project, which will culminate in an international exhibition in 2012.

By electing to support Gregory Ryan, Societe Generale Private Banking is adhering to one of Societe Generale Group’s strong commitments, namely sustainable development, thereby illustrating its conception of private banking: contributing to preserving a heritage to ensure it is passed on to future generations.

This ambitious initiative is part of the sponsorship policy of Societe Generale, which has worked for over 15 years to promote contemporary art. Societe Generale is now one of the most dynamic players in the sponsorship of art in France, in particular through its collection of 300 original works and 700 lithographs, prints and silk-screens. This living collection highlights creation in all its forms – painting, sculpture and photography – of acknowledged international artists such as Pierre Soulages, Pierre Alechinsky, Zao Wou-Ki, Antoni Tapiès, Wang Du, Raymond Hains, and young talents from emerging artistic milieus.

For more information: www.collectionsocietegenerale.com