Societe Generale Private Banking’s asset allocation tool obtains certification from independent experts

The firm of independent experts, Associés en Finance, headed by Bertrand Jacquillat, has certified the Dialogue & Asset Allocation method developed by Societe Generale Private Banking.

Dialogue & Asset Allocation is an innovative approach created by Societe Generale Private Banking for managing its private clients' financial and non-financial assets. Inspired by institutional investment techniques, the approach is based on an analysis of how markets have evolved in the past in order to discern their possible future behaviour and thus the potential impact on the yield vs. risk ratio of a portfolio.

This method allows private clients to:

  • benefit from decision-making support in the context of the overall management of their investments, and achieve a better understanding of how financial markets evolve, notably under extreme conditions of market behaviour;
  • obtain a complete diagnosis of their portfolios;
  • carry out simulated reallocations to decide, with the help of their adviser, what changes should be made to their portfolio so that it more closely matches their expectations and constraints.

Dialogue & Asset Allocation is based on a unique modelling system which takes into account an  analysis of the behaviour of almost 500 indices covering every asset class, modelled for 2,000 possible market situations, over one and five years.

Associés en Finance has carried out a full audit of the structural principles of the system (calculation engine and the data employed) and has verified the consistency of the content of the reports, diagnoses and simulations which are provided to the client.

Its recognised expertise in advice applied to the economy and finance assures Societe Generale Private Banking’s clients and prospects of the reliability of the method it offers as part of the overall management of their wealth.