Societe Generale Private Banking initiates a new educational enrichment programme for children with Down syndrome

Societe Generale Private Banking together with the Down Syndrome Association (DSA) will commence a new initiative entitled “Societe Generale Private Banking Education Enrichment Programme” for children with Down syndrome. The weekly 15-month programme will start in September 2010.

Its goal is to better equip children with Down syndrome with practical literacy and numeracy skills, as well as self development skills. The curriculum for this programme will notably include key learning competencies such as mental math, critical reading, time management, processing information logically, and how to dress up for indoor and outdoor activities.

The funds raised for the programme came from a charity initiative of the private bank during Société Générale Group’s “Citizen Commitment Week”, held between 10-18 June, 2010. Societe Generale Private Banking identified the Down Syndrome Association (DSA) – a non- profit, self-funded, voluntary welfare organisation that supports children and adults with Down syndrome- as the beneficiary in Singapore for the initiative. The staff and management jointly developed interesting ideas, including a flea market and a skip your lunch drive, to raise funds for DSA.

Moses Lee, Acting Executive Director, Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) says: “We are highly appreciative of Societe Generale Private Banking’s tremendous support and generosity towards this initiative for children with Down syndrome. An educational enrichment programme of great quality will lay a strong foundation for a child with Down syndrome. It will maximize his ability to possess skills in the areas of socialization, leisure, and functional independence.”

Every year, Societe Generale Group organizes a “Citizen Commitment Week”. During that week, which took place between 10 and 18 June this year, Société Générale’s employees worldwide take part in activities to support the Group’s partner charities, devoting time to community causes and participate in fundraising.