Societe Generale Private Banking has launched a bonds market analysis and advisory service dedicated to private clients

Societe Generale Private Banking has launched an analysis and advisory service for the bonds market (both sovereign and corporate) in response to the growing interest of private clients in this asset class.

Based in both Europe and Asia, the private bank's bonds specialists offer a pro-active, tailor-made advisory service that combines performance research and risk management in all the bonds and credit markets worldwide.
These experts design bonds portfolios and provide management advisory services, benefitting from the macro-economic overviews of Societe Generale Private Banking, in-depth analysis of the bond issuers and their own reading of the markets.
To achieve this, Societe Generale Private Banking will work in partnership with AMBA Research, a leading provider of investment research and analytics services. This expertise is essential to meet the needs of private clients, who in the current context are expanding their range of bonds investments in Emerging Markets and in High Yield sector.
The private bank thus provides High Net Worth Individuals with access to integrated, independent bond investment solutions, together with a personalised follow-up. The service meets the objectives of wealthy individuals in terms of yield, risk tolerance and investment horizons.