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Autumn / Winter 2017 – N°12
Spring / Summer 2017 – N°11
Autumn / Winter 2016 – N°10
Spring / Summer 2016 – N°9
Autumn / Winter 2015 - n°8
From a wealth perspective should one worry about a rise in interest rates? The question is worth asking because a rate...
Spring 2015 - n°7
To progress, a company must listen to its clients. Too often the quest for “client satisfaction” sounds like nothing...
Autumn 2014 - n°6
Digital transformation is creating radical changes in the habits and behaviours of our society...
Spring 2014 - n°5
Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Societe Generale group in 2014
Winter 2013/2014 - n°4
The Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development predicts an economic recovery.
Summer/Autumn 2013 - n°3
Societe Generale Private Banking’s teams are constantly on the lookout for performance, both in the management of your...
Spring 2013 - n°2
You will have been contacted during the second half of 2012 as part of our second Customer Satisfaction Survey, helping...
Winter 2012/2013 - n°1
We are delighted to present you with the first edition of La Lettre Societe Generale Private Banking, your private...