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Our implantations

SG Hambros Bank (Gibraltar) Limited

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SG Hambros Bank (Gibraltar) Limited
PO Box 375 - Hambros House -
Tel : +350 20002000
Fax : +350 20079037


Hambros Bank has been based in Gibraltar since 1981 and offers a comprehensive range of banking and wealth management services. Our clients have been benefiting from the worldwide expertise and resources of Societe Generale since 1998 when it aquired Hambros Bank in Gibraltar. We offer a high level of personal service, investment capabilities and access to a broad range of products and services.

Gibraltar is a self governing British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula overlooking the Straights of Gibraltar. The territory covers around 7 square kilometres and shares a land border with Spain to the north.Gibraltar was ceded by Spain to the Crown of Great Britain in perpetuity, under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht.

Our Gibraltar office is run by Managing Director, Emma Perez. Emma joined SGPB Hambros in Gibraltar in May 2001 as the local accountant and was promoted to director in November 2002 taking on responsibility for Finance, IT, Operations, HR and Deputy MD. She was promoted to Managing Director in May 2006.

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