Our implantations

Our implantations

SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank (CI) Limited, Guernsey

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SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank (CI) Limited, Guernsey
Guernsey Branch - PO Box 6 - Hambros House -
GY1 3AE St Peter Port - Guernsey
Tel : +44 1481 726521
Fax : +44 1481 727139


Hambros Bank set up the private banking operation in both Jersey and Guernsey in June 1967.  Societe Generale acquired Hambros Bank in 1998. SGPB Hambros is one of the oldest members of the finance community and has witnessed a fledgling industry mature into a thriving one with a prestigious global reputation.

With over 100 employees in Guernsey the bank's services involve comprehensive investment-led wealth management for an international client base, including both private client and fiduciary services.

The Channel Islands are not a part of the United Kingdom, but are autonomous possessions of the British Crown. Guernsey has its own legislative assembly, called the States of Guernsey, as well as its own administrative, fiscal and legal systems and courts of law. It also has general responsibility for the regulation of its domestic affairs including taxation. 

Guernsey has a population of over 60,000.

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